Different sectors

  • 3D animation – this is the technique of creating moving pictures in a 3D mode. This is done by sequentially arranging the different frames or pictures into a full loop using the camera, then by transferring them into a video format by a rendering engine. Most of the pictures and games that we have today are of this type. And this is the latest that we have from this industry. The 4D mode is in the development stage and can be expected to hit the market shortly.
  • 2D animation- this is one of the ancient and old methods of animations that were used in the initial days of the introduction of this concept. This is done using the traditional methods of animation or by using the computerized animation technique.
  • Web designing – this is another very important segment of this field wherein the techniques of animation are all used for creating effective and powerful websites, internet games and for creating some very useful and rich media content for the web. This is completely for commercial purposes.
  • VFX – this is the technique of combining live footages with the computer generated characters to bring in a realistic look and feel to the game or the motion picture. This technique is mainly used in producing movies.
  • Multimedia- this is nothing but creating designs and audiovisual content using different pictures, music, sound, objects, and animations.